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WHO Addis Ababa Ethiopia G5 Fixed-term Appointment Administrative Assistant to Operations Officer2015-10-21 2015-10-07
WHO Dhaka Bangladesh P4 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer - Planning and Human Resources for Health2015-10-26 2015-10-07
WHO Dhaka Bangladesh P4 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer - Essential Drugs and Medicines2015-10-26 2015-10-07
WHO New Delhi India P3 Fixed-term Appointment Technical Officer (Infrastructure Management Officer)2015-10-26 2015-10-07
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Technical Officer2015-10-27 2015-10-07
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Technical Officer2015-10-20 2015-10-07
WHO Lyons France P3 Fixed-term Appointment Scientist2015-11-03 2015-10-07
WHO New Delhi India P5 Fixed-term Appointment Regional Adviser, Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)2015-10-26 2015-10-07
WHO Port-au-Prince Haiti P3 Fixed-term Appointment Administrator2015-11-03 2015-10-07
OPCW Verification Divisio Senior Chemical Demilitarisation Officer (P-4) (05/12/2015)2015-10-07 2015-10-07
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Senior Economist2015-10-20 2015-10-07
World Bank Washington, DC Local Hire Operations Analyst2015-10-20 2015-10-07
World Bank Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Local Hire Team Assistant2015-10-20 2015-10-07
FAO Rome, Italy P3 Technical Officer (Obsolete Pesticide Risk reduction)2015-11-03 2015-10-07
UNICEF Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Emergency Specialist, P-3, Addis Ababa Ethiopia2015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNICEF Tashkent, Uzbekistan P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, P-3, Tashkent, Uzbekistan2015-10-21 2015-10-07
UNICEF Kiev, Ukraine   CEECIS Rapid Response Mechanism (First Line Responders) Roster, P3, P42015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNICEF Copenhagen, Denmark G-5 Temp/Short-term Staff Accounts Assistant, G-5, (Temporary position, Part time), FMAC2015-10-27 2015-10-07
UNICEF Copenhagen, Denmark P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Human Resources Specialist, P-3, Copenhagen, Denmark2015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNICEF Copenhagen, Denmark P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Contracts Specialist (Policies and Procedures), P-3, Copenhagen, Denmark2015-10-11 2015-10-07
UNICEF Amman, Jordan  Long-term Staff (FT) Knowledge Management Specialist (NETI), P-3, Amman, Jordan2015-10-13 2015-10-07
UNICEF Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Nutrition Specialist, P-4, Addis Ababa Ethiopia2015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNOPS Gaza, Palestine (State of) IICA-1 ACU Access and Liaison Specialist (ALS) - Gaza2015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNOPS Bamako, Mali P3 Procurement and Supply Chain Specialist2015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-1 Membership and Database Support Officer2015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-2 Special Assistant to the Regional Director2015-10-20 2015-10-07
UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Procurement Specialist, P-3, Geneva2015-10-20 2015-10-06
UNICEF Libreville, Gabon P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Deputy Representative, P-4, Libreville, Gabon2015-10-26 2015-10-06
World Bank Kathmandu, Nepal Local Hire Economist2015-10-13 2015-10-06
World Bank Jakarta, Indonesia Local Hire Economist2015-10-19 2015-10-06
World Bank Jakarta, Indonesia Local Hire Economist2015-10-19 2015-10-06
World Bank Dhaka, Bangladesh Local Hire Economist2015-10-26 2015-10-06
WHO Ashgabat Turkmenistan G5 Fixed-term Appointment Project Assistant (Turkmenistan)2015-10-27 2015-10-06
WHO Bridgetown Barbados P2 Fixed-term Appointment Project Operations Specialist2015-11-02 2015-10-06
WHO Geneva Switzerland P3 Fixed-term Appointment Programme Officer2015-10-26 2015-10-06
WHO Ashgabat Turkmenistan NO-A Fixed-term Appointment National Tobacco Control Officer - NPO (Turkmenistan)2015-10-31 2015-10-06
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Information Officer2015-10-26 2015-10-06
World Bank Washington, DC Local Hire Financial Analyst2015-10-19 2015-10-06
World Bank Astana, Kazakhstan Local Hire Country Officer2015-10-19 2015-10-06
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Senior Financial Officer2015-10-19 2015-10-06
World Bank Singapore Local Hire Valuation Analyst2015-10-19 2015-10-06
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Communications Officer2015-10-26 2015-10-06
World Bank Rabat, Morocco Local Hire Program Assistant2015-10-13 2015-10-06
World Bank New Delhi, India Local Hire Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist2015-10-19 2015-10-06
FAO Rome, Italy P5 Senior Officer (UNSCN Secretariat) (ES)2015-10-26 2015-10-06
UNICEF Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Staff Counsellor, P-4 Damascus Syria2015-10-19 2015-10-06
UNICEF Budapest, Hungary  Long-term Staff (FT) IT Officer (Local Helpdesk), NO-B, GSSC office, Budapest, Hungary2015-10-23 2015-10-06
UNICEF Yangoon, Myanmar P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) WASH Specialist (WASH Cluster Coordinator), P-3, Yangon, Myanmar2015-10-19 2015-10-06
UNOPS Bogotá, Colombia LICA-6 Asociado/a de Adquisiciones2015-10-15 2015-10-06
UNOPS Bamako, Mali IICA-2 Counter IED Specialist2015-10-19 2015-10-06

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