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UNICEF Nairobi, Kenya  Long-term Staff (FT) Finance Assistant, GS-6, USSC2015-08-13 2015-07-31
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P5 CHEF2015-09-15 2015-07-31
IMF US-Washington, DC Full-time IT Officer (Technology Integration)2015-08-12 2015-07-31
WHO Bangui Central African Republic G6 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Assistant TIC, Centrafrique2015-08-13 2015-07-31
WHO Abuja Nigeria P4 Temporary appointment Technical Officer, Geographic Information System (GIS)2015-08-13 2015-07-31
WHO New Delhi India P2 Fellowship Junior Public Health Professional: Strengthening essential medicines management within the context of Universal Health Coverage (EDM)2015-08-19 2015-07-31
WHO New Delhi India P2 Fellowship Junior Public Health Professional (JPP) (TFI)2015-08-19 2015-07-31
WHO New Delhi India P2 Fellowship Junior Public Health Professional (JPP) (HST)2015-08-19 2015-07-31
WHO New Delhi India P2 Fellowship Junior Public Health Professional (JPP) (HSM)2015-08-19 2015-07-31
WHO New Delhi India P2 Fellowship Junior Public Health Professional (JPP) (CAH)2015-08-19 2015-07-31
OPCW Office of the Intern Confidentiality Auditor - SSA Consultant (13/08/2015)2015-07-31 2015-07-31
World Bank Almaty, Kazakhstan International Hire Senior Financial Management Specialist2015-08-13 2015-07-31
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Senior Health Specialist / Economist (Evaluation)2015-08-13 2015-07-31
World Bank Washington, DC Local Hire Senior IT Officer, Business Management I2015-08-13 2015-07-31
ILO ICS-12 Chief Technical Advisor2015-08-05 2015-07-31
UNICEF Nairobi, Kenya  Long-term Staff (FT) Finance Assistant, GS-6, USSC2015-08-13 2015-07-31
UNICEF Nairobi, Kenya P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Human Resources Specialist, P-3, Nairobi2015-08-13 2015-07-31
UNOPS Erbil, Iraq IICA-2 Iraq IDP Call Center Coordinator2015-08-06 2015-07-31
UNOPS Freetown, Sierra Leone IICA-2 Field Operations Officer2015-08-06 2015-07-31
UNOPS Kenema or Makeni, Sierra Leone LICA Specialist-8 Field Monitoring Engineer2015-08-06 2015-07-31
UNOPS Freetown, Sierra Leone IICA-2 QA/QC and Reporting (Retainer)2015-08-06 2015-07-31
UNOPS Monrovia, Liberia LICA-7 Security Associate (INTERNAL APPLICANTS ONLY)2015-08-06 2015-07-31
UNOPS Monrovia, Liberia IICA-2 Civil Engineer (INTERNAL APPLICANTS ONLY)2015-08-06 2015-07-31
UNOPS Kabul, Afghanistan IICA-3 Prograqmme Manager2015-08-07 2015-07-31
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya LICA Specialist-8 Editor (English and French)2015-08-09 2015-07-31
UNOPS Mafraq, Jordan LICA Specialist-8 Site Engineer2015-08-09 2015-07-31
UNOPS Belgrade, Serbia LICA Specialist-9 Communications Manager2015-08-09 2015-07-31
UNOPS Mafraq, Jordan LICA Specialist-10 Senior Site Engineer2015-08-09 2015-07-31
UNOPS Port au Prince, Haiti LICA Specialist-9 Architecte2015-08-10 2015-07-31
UNOPS Port au Prince, Haiti LICA-6 Architecte Junior2015-08-10 2015-07-31
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland P3 Information Quality Officer2015-08-16 2015-07-31
UNOPS San José, Costa Rica LICA-6 Asistente de Adquisiciones2015-08-16 2015-07-31
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA-5 Finance Associate2015-08-20 2015-07-31
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) D2 SENIOR DIRECTOR2015-09-30 2015-07-30
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) D2 SENIOR DIRECTOR2015-09-30 2015-07-30
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) D1 DIRECTOR2015-09-11 2015-07-30
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P3 CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS OFFICER2015-08-31 2015-07-30
IMF US-Washington, DC Full-time Institutional Affairs Officer (SECIE)2015-08-11 2015-07-30
WHO New Delhi India G4 Fixed-term Appointment Communication Assistant2015-08-19 2015-07-30
WHO Brazzaville Congo G7 Fixed-term Appointment ASSISTANT, CONFERENCE EQUIPMENT TECHNICIEN2015-08-19 2015-07-30
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Temporary appointment Team Lead2015-08-19 2015-07-30
WHO Abuja Nigeria NO-C Fixed-term Appointment National Professional Officer/Non-communicable diseases2015-08-12 2015-07-30
WHO Islamabad Pakistan NO-C Fixed-term Appointment National Professional Officer (position # 325136)2015-08-19 2015-07-30
World Bank Tokyo, Japan Local Hire Knowledge Management Analyst2015-08-19 2015-07-30
World Bank Tokyo, Japan Local Hire Operations Officer2015-08-19 2015-07-30
World Bank Tokyo, Japan Local Hire Program Assistant2015-08-19 2015-07-30
World Bank Chennai, India Local Hire Financial Analyst2015-08-05 2015-07-30
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Private Sector Specialist2015-08-19 2015-07-30
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Senior Social Scientist2015-08-09 2015-07-30
World Bank Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia International Hire Senior Financial Sector Specialist2015-08-19 2015-07-30

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