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IMF Middle East %26 Central Asia Region Full-time Real Sector Statistics Advisor, METAC2015-03-25 2015-03-05
WHO Geneva Switzerland P3 Fixed-Term Appointment Translator (French)2015-03-25 2015-03-05
WHO Geneva Switzerland P3 Fixed-Term Appointment Translator (Chinese)2015-03-25 2015-03-05
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Fixed-Term Appointment Programme Manager (Assistive Health Technology)2015-03-25 2015-03-05
World Bank Singapore Local Hire Public Private Partnerships Specialist2015-03-18 2015-03-05
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Financial Sector Specialist2015-03-18 2015-03-05
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Financial Economist2015-03-18 2015-03-05
ICC The Hague P-1 Assistant Analyst2015-03-31 2015-03-05
FAO Tunis, Tunisia P5 Senior Policy Officer (Regional)2015-03-25 2015-03-05
UNICEF New York, United States of America P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Supply & Logistics Specialist, P-4, Copenhagen2015-03-24 2015-03-05
UNICEF Bamako, Mali P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Chief Communication for Development, P-4, Bamako, Mali2015-03-18 2015-03-05
UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Procurement Manager, P-4, PFP, Geneva, Switzerland2015-03-25 2015-03-05
UNICEF Yangoon, Myanmar P-2 Long-term Staff (FT) Child Protection Officer (Mine Risk Education & Victim Assistance), P-2, Yangon2015-03-18 2015-03-05
UNICEF Florence, Italy P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Research & Evaluation Specialist, P-4, Florence, Italy2015-03-05 2015-03-05
UNICEF Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Human Resources Manager, P-4, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia2015-04-02 2015-03-05
UNOPS Nampula, Mozambique IICA-2 Urban Specialist2015-03-11 2015-03-05
UNOPS Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia LICA Specialist-10 SAP Consultant on wildlife resources and biological invasions2015-03-11 2015-03-05
UNOPS Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia LICA Specialist-10 SAP SAGSAP Consultant on pollution and climate change2015-03-11 2015-03-05
UNOPS Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia LICA Specialist-10 SAP Consultant on critical aquatic and terrestrial habitats and natural disasters-Mongolia2015-03-11 2015-03-05
UNOPS Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation LICA Specialist-10 SAP Consultant on water quality, climate change and natural disasters2015-03-11 2015-03-05
UNOPS Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic IICA-2 Field Safety Adviser2015-03-11 2015-03-05
UNOPS Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation LICA Specialist-10 SAP Consultant aquatic/terrestrial habitats, wildlife resources and biological invasions2015-03-11 2015-03-05
UNOPS Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic LICA-4 Movement Control Assistant2015-03-14 2015-03-05
UNOPS Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal LICA Specialist-8 Project Support Officer2015-03-15 2015-03-05
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia IICA-1 Budget Associate2015-03-15 2015-03-05
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar Intern Infrastructure Assistant (Intern)2015-03-18 2015-03-05
UNOPS Bogota, Colombia LICA-2 Asistente de Proyecto2015-03-18 2015-03-05
UNOPS Bukavu, Kalemie, Kindu, Gemena, Watsa, Kikwit, Democratic Republic of the Congo Intern Ingénieurs stagiaires2015-03-22 2015-03-05
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark LICA-6 Web / Javascript Developer2015-03-24 2015-03-05
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) N/A Audit of WIPOs Ethical Framework2015-04-01 2015-03-04
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) N/A Design Law Expert2015-03-24 2015-03-04
WHO Aden Yemen NO-C Temporary appointment National Programme Officer (P# 362784)2015-03-24 2015-03-04
WHO Multiple duty stations P4 Fixed-Term Appointment Logistician, Immunization Systems Support Officer (2 Positions), Harare & Ouagadougou2015-03-24 2015-03-04
WHO Manila Philippines P3 Fixed-Term Appointment Administrative Services Officer2015-03-31 2015-03-04
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Senior Learning Specialist2015-03-17 2015-03-04
World Bank Washington, DC Local Hire Senior IT Officer, Business Solutions2015-03-28 2015-03-04
ILO ICS-11 Technical Adviser, Garment2015-03-20 2015-03-04
UNICEF New York, United States of America P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Supply & Logistics Specialist, P-4, Copenhagen2015-03-24 2015-03-04
UNICEF Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Chief HIV/AIDS, P-4, Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire2015-03-17 2015-03-04
UNICEF Yangoon, Myanmar P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Monitoring Specialist, P-3, Yangon2015-03-16 2015-03-04
UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Planning Specialist, P-3, Geneva2015-03-23 2015-03-04
UNICEF Conakry, Guinea P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Administrative Specialist, P-3, Conakry2015-03-18 2015-03-04
UNOPS LIma, Peru LICA-4 Asistente de Proyecto2015-03-09 2015-03-04
UNOPS Port-au-Prince, Haiti LICA-3 Operateur de Backhoe Loader2015-03-09 2015-03-04
UNOPS Cumbaza, Tarapoto, Peru IICA-1 Especialista en Geología y Geomorfologia2015-03-10 2015-03-04
UNOPS Cumbaza, Tarapoto, Peru IICA-1 Especialista Hidrologia2015-03-10 2015-03-04
UNOPS Cumbaza,Tarapoto, Peru LICA-1 Profesional de Apoyo SIG/Topografía2015-03-10 2015-03-04
UNOPS KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of the Congo LICA Specialist-8 Ingénieur des travaux publics spécialiste en entretien routier2015-03-10 2015-03-04
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan IICA-2 Project Engineer (Road Design)2015-03-11 2015-03-04
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan IICA-2 Project Engineer (Hydrology/ Hydraulics)2015-03-11 2015-03-04

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